Ther-E-Quest self-adjusting Western Saddle Pad
Aircell uses patented Therm-A-Rest technology that has been keeping campers and wheelchair-bound individuals comfortable for many years.

Ther-E-Quest Western Saddle Pad

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This is the pad technology that has revolutionized saddle fit and horse comfort for more than 15 years. It evenly distributes weight along your horse's back without painful pressure points. Keeps saddle off the spine and ligaments to allow free flexing and movement. Lauded by thousands of horse men and women. NWNHC and its students are also proud to have been instrumental in its design. It remains our most-preferred saddle pad.

  • Evenly distributes you and your saddle's weight across your horse's back
  • Ride with close contact, without painful pressure points
  • Tough outer fabric keeps your saddle from slipping
  • Breathable inner fabric and spine vents keep your horse cooler
  • Flexible design allows your horse to move freely through all gaits
  • Resets itself every time, with every horse, and every saddle
  • Incorporates self-inflating Therm-a-Rest technology that has kept campers and wheelchair-bound individuals comfortable for 40 years
  • Easy to clean

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Proudly made right here in Seattle, Wash., USA. Also available in English Style

Size: 30" L x 31" W