The LG Zaum bitless is available in Chestnut (shown), Black, Brown and Natural.
You can add a matching braided headstall and reins to your LG Bridle or use your own.
LG Bitless Bridle
LG Bitless Bridle comes with leather curb or curb chain.
Leather straps available in Brown, Black, Natural and Chestnut (not shown)
Curb chains available in Brown, Black, Natural and Chestnut (not shown)
Optional shanks for dual-rein riding.

LG Bitless Bridle

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The LG-Zaum bitless bridle is an excellent alternative to a bit. Its functionality encourages the horse to collect without mouth discomfort. It works especially well with horses that lean on the bit, play with it, or shake their head. It is intended for experienced riders, with light hands, looking for more refined maneuvers.

The wheels are made of solid rust-free stainless steel. The chin strap comes in the option of either leather or chain, in three different colors. Add optional shanks to create a double bridle.

Can be used with any traditional headstall or choose one of our matching headstalls and reins.

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