AAH Light Photonic Pen--PROFESSIONAL

AAH Light Photonic Pen--PROFESSIONAL
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The Professional Equine Package comes with everything the barn manager or equine health professional needs to keep the herd healthy and happy. Two red lights allow you to treat larger areas. The blue light head helps fight bacteria and a variety of skin conditions.  A handy Sling Pack holds all your supplies, including the 78 colored page Equine Guide Book, the 11”x17” laminated Barn Charts, the laminated Working Charts with the writing marker.

• TWO – AAH Red Lights
• AAH BLUE Light Head
• At-A-Glance Reference Charts
• Two 3.7 Li-Ion 18650 Rechargeable Batteries
• Battery Charger
• Two removable metal belt clips to attach an extender
• Two canvas holsters with metal belt clip
• Two removable lanyards with size control
• Large Sling Pack for Books & Supplies
• Equine Laminated 11”x17” Quick Reference Barn Chart – double sided
• Equine Laminated Working Chart – double sided
• Dry Erase Marker

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