Photonic Pen

The benefits of red light therapy have been demonstrated scientifically for the past 20 years and more recently by horse and pet owners around the world. Red light therapy works at the cellular level to stimulate healing and reduce pain. Amazing results have been achieved by applying the therapy during colic, on injured areas, and as an everyday health regimine. It should be a key tool in your equine health and first aid kit.  Also great to have around the house for your family's everyday health and wellness.

  • Save hundreds on vet bills every year!
  • Stimulate healing of cuts and abrasions
  • Relieve sore muscles, tendons and joints
  • Provide colic relief in only minutes
  • A "must have" for performance horses
  • Essential part of any equine first aid kit
  • Works great on humans too

Learn more about red light therapy.

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