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A fit, healthy and happy horse is made from the inside out.

That's why all our horses at NWNHC are fed and cared for with Dynamite products. They are human-grade, the purest available and organically grown, wherever possible. There is no least-cost formulations or compromised quality. All the products we sell have proven their performance for many years. We use them to not only keep our horses healthy, but rehabilitate horses with chronic leg and foot problems, allergies and colic. It's amazing what we have seen these products do and want to share them with you. Dynamite quality is assured with a 100% money-back guarantee.

See below for the products you can order and pick up in our retail store everyday or Click here to visit our Dynamite website and see all the great products for horse, human and pet.

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Dyna Pro Prebiotic (16 oz)
Dyna Pro uses a fermentation extract that nourishes the natural good gut bacteria and encourages ..
Dyna Shield
Dyna-Shield is a naturally formulated and chemical-free spray designed for horse and pet owners c..
Dynamite for Horses
The state-of-the-art supplement reflects decades of research, development, and use by the to..
Dynamite Pelleted Grain Ration (50 lbs)
PGR is a clean, high-quality grain ration consisting of chemical-free oats, corn, barley, Dynamit..
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Excel (1 lbs)
Excel is a digestion catalyst, toxin neutralizer, and pH stabilizer. It is intended to be used wi..
Miracle Clay (1 lb)
A naturally occurring, mineral-infused clay used for centuries for its soothing and detoxifying p..
This all-natural, drug-free herbal and flower essence formula is best used when an acute situatio..
Release (4 oz)
An all-natural, topical anti-inflammatory that combines flower essences and other natural ingredi..
AAH Light Equine/Human Treatment Kit--BASIC
Get everything you need to start treating your horse and family.  AAH Light offers the ..
AAH Light Photonic Pen--EQUINE PACK
Get everything you need to start keeping your horse healthy and happy. AAH Light offers the power..
Dynamite Super Premium Dog Food (40 lbs)
Super Premium Dog Food is is made with chicken and turkey and is free of the common allergens cor..
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AAH Light Photonic Pen--PROFESSIONAL
The Professional Equine Package comes with everything the barn manager or equine health professio..
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